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 False Accusations

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Killing Time... Wish I got paid for this!
Killing Time... Wish I got paid for this!

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PostSubject: False Accusations   Fri Jan 26, 2007 3:00 pm

What do you do? How do you deal with the feelings when someone accuses you of something that you are innocent of.

I really want to know b/c I don't know how to deal with what I'm feeling.

Gavin and I have both been accused of being liers and/or thiefs on two different occassions this week.

Gavin's story:
Yesterday we dropped Gavin's truck off for inspection in Cumberland at Hill Crest Motors. He told the guy he was leaving the check on the seat and that we were going to dinner and if we didn't get back before they closed that he could just leave the keys under the floor mat.

So we get back, the truck window is down, the keys are in the ignition (Gavin wasn't happy about that) and the new sticker was on the window. So he got in and we drove home. When we got home there was a message on our machine and the man from the shop was saying that we didn't pay him and he was going to call the Sheriff if we didn't get back up there and pay him. (Shouldn't threatening the call the Sheriff be a last resort.. just a thought)

So Gavin called him back and reminded the man that he had told him the check was on the seat of the truck, but the man insisted that he didn't get it. So Gavin checks in the truck and the check was on the floor board. So Gavin told him I would bring the check by in the morning. Wouldn't have been so bad except the guy called AGAIN and left another message on our machine this morning!

My Story:
I ordered ink back in December (15th or so) from (by they way I will no longer recommmend them to anyone). I've made 4-6 purchases from them in the past year totally 8-12 ink cartridges... I like to think of myself as a regular, return customer.

Well Jan 11th I wrote them this email:
"As of Wednesday January 10th I have not received this purchase yet. I'm just about out of black ink. Please let me know when I should expect this package so I know if I need to make a trip to a store to purchase more ink."

They wrote back:
"according to the postal records your order was delivered." And included the delivery confirmation #, which when checked online says the package was delivered to Cumberland (no address of course only the city & zip).

I wrote:
"I have never received anything and the post office can't tell me anymore than you or the online service can. I need ink. If if order it today can it be sent Priority so I'll have it by this weekend? Let me know."

They wrote back (last week):
"I am sending you a #17 and #15 today and it should arive by Saturday. You can pay for them or not. I am tired of dealing with lost orders"

I wrote back today:
"Maybe it had something to do with shipping during the Christmas rush. If my original order ever shows up I will certainly pay for the additional two cartridges that you sent, however I don't intend to pay for 5 cartridges when I only received 2. Is this going to effect any of my future orders from you?"

They wrote back:
"We would appriciate it if you found another vendor. We have rules for a reason and we use delivery confiramtion to prove our orders have been delivered, which it did in your case. I cannot afford to stay i business by sending customers twice that which they paid. Good look in your search for a new vendor."

So I wrote back:
"Well I know that I'm not lying so I can only assume that your issue should be with the post office. Good luck running a successful business with that attitude.
There are plenty of places to purchase ink from, it won't be hard finding a new vendor. I've had more than one problem with your services in the past but I like helping independant business owners over big retailers since I too own my own business.
Best of luck to you."


Oh and about the amount of the check that was for the inspection $16.00... $16.00

Would you call the Sheriff for $16.00???

And as far as the ink company.... isn't customer service the key??? Granted you can't believe everyone that purchases from you online but we're talking about $20-$30 here.... why not take the loss, claim it on your taxes and keep the regular customer???

I'm sure God is trying to toughen us up... but it certainly doesn't feel good!
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PostSubject: Re: False Accusations   Fri Jan 26, 2007 4:50 pm

Yeah, I was wondering about the inspection thing...I mean, it's $16.00! As far as customer service - for the bulk of companies in the US, I think there is no such thing as customer service anymore. Sad, but true.

How to handle though? As nicely as possible and with sweetness. Easier said than done at times, but I think it's the best way to handle it.

As far as a company that only uses delivery confirmation to insure their orders are delivered? Not the wisest choice. That method of delivery only indicates that a package was delivered - not that it made it to the right customer. If I were them, I would change to FedEx or UPS, or another type of guaranteed delivery service.

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False Accusations
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